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Rolex, as a brand, needs no introduction. It is one of the largest privately owned, luxury watches brand all around the world. Rolex is a brand that is not just about watches, it is about value, admiration, and personality across the globe. It is a brand that has gained immense popularity over the world and all they make are good watches. So, what is the hype about? Let’s find out!

Here are some things every Rolex fan should know.

Things About Rolex you Need to Know

  • Rolex watches have an expensive steel which is quite difficult to machine because that makes their watches look better.
  • This brand only makes watches but guess what? Rolex has a science lab of its own. So, we know how they make watches that are not just unique but the best.
  • All the Rolex watches have their movements assembled and tested by hand. That is a fact that marks their quality and also makes it worthy of the price that they are sold at.
  • All the gold that is used in the Rolex watches is manufactured at one of their in-house foundries. This is so because they want the best quality of everything, and so they manufacture everything on their own including gold that they use in their watches.
  • Rolex watches which are in the dive category are all individually tested in tanks with water in a pressurized situation to ensure that their time telling capacity remains intact.
  • The gems embedded in the Rolex watches are embedded by a gemologist, and not just one, but an army of gemologists. 

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